RGM Front Bonnet Protector ✅ FORD Transit Custom 2023 Onwards ✅ FORD Tourneo Custom 2023 Onwards ⭐️ Gives protection from stone chips and debris ⭐️ Manufactured in impact resistant ABS Plastic ⭐️ 3 colour options • black • gloss black • carbon finish ⭐️ An easy DIY fit - with full diagrammatic instructions ⭐️ Designed & made in the UK


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Modern water based paint is very good for the environment but unfortunately it is also quite soft and offers very little defence against stones and gravel that can damage the bonnets of all vehicles. This problem happens all year round but more so in the warmer months when road surfaces become softer and the chippings become loose.

 Bonnet Guards are designed to help prevent this chipping problem. They are manufactured in Tough Impact Resistant ABS and are attached to the bonnet with 3M self adhesive tape. Diagrammatic fitting instructions together with primer and cleaning sachets are included and make the installation quick and easy.

 When fitted they add a distinctive look to the front of the vehicle. They can be painted but a flexible primer and paint must be used.