Fits the following vehicles: ✅ FIAT Scudo 2022 Onwards ⭐️ Precision moulded in high impact UV resistant ABS plastic. ⭐️ 4 colour options • Black • Gloss Black • Silver • Carbon Look ⭐️ A simple way to cover scratched bumpers and avoid costly repairs!


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⭐️ Quick and easy DIY fit using the pre applied self adhesive tape

⭐️ Looks like an original factory fitted product

⭐️ Probably the most practical accessory you could fit to your car

⭐️ New models are being added every month

⭐️ Approved by many vehicle manufacturers

⭐️ Designed & manufactured in the U.K. 

be simpler to fit, so there's no need to scratch your head and think this is going to take all day - It won't!