Fits the following vehicles: ✅ MERCEDES GLC SE 07.2019 to 2022 ✅ MERCEDES GLC Sport 07.2019 to 2022 ✅ MERCEDES GLC AMG Line 07.2019 to 2022 ⭐️ A practical, simple solution to cover scuffed and scratched bumper tops ⭐️ Hides old paint scratches and helps to prevent new ones, avoids costly bumper repairs! ⭐️ Quick and easy DIY fitting using 3M double sided adhesive tape ⭐️ Individually moulded in high impact, UV resistant ABS plastic ⭐️ Designed & made in the UK


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Rearguards are quick and easy to fit and normally take around 10 minutes. 

We supply full diagrammatic fitting instructions explaining the simple step by step process. 

There's no drilling needed because Rearguards are secured using the self adhesive tape supplied, which ensures a strong and snug fit, positioning the Rearguards so they look exactly like original equipment. 

They really couldn't be simpler to fit, so there's no need to scratch your head and think this is going to take all day - It won't!