Fits the following vehicles: ✅ BMW G42 2 Series 2 Door Coupe ‘M’ Sport 9.2021 Onwards ⭐️ A practical and simple solution to cover your scratched bumper tops ⭐️ Hides old paint scratches and helps to prevent new ones - can avoid those costly bumper repairs! ⭐️ Quick and easy DIY fitting using the 3M double sided tape supplied ⭐️ Individually moulded and hand finished in high impact ABS plastic ⭐️ Designed & manufactured in the U.K


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⭐️ Looks like an original factory fitted product

⭐️ Possibly the most practical accessory you can fit to your car

⭐️ New models being added every month

⭐️ Approved by many vehicle manufacturers

⭐️ Rearguards are quick and easy to fit and take about 10 minutes maximum. 

⭐️ We supply full diagrammatic fitting instructions explaining the simple step-by-step process. ⭐️ There's no drilling needed as Rearguards are secured using the supplied self-adhesive tape. ⭐️ Strong and snug fit, positioning your Rearguards so they look exactly like original equipment. ⭐️ They really couldn't be simpler to fit, so there's no need to scratch your head and think this is going to take all day because it wont.