Fits the following vehicles: ✅ VOLKSWAGEN ID.7 Electric 2.2024 Onwards ⭐️ A simple and stylish solution to cover your scratched rear bumper tops ⭐️ Hides old paint scratches, helps prevent new ones and can avoid costly bumper repairs! ⭐️ Precision moulded and hand finished in high impact UV resistant ABS plastic ⭐️ Designed and made in the UK


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Protect your Volkswagen ID.7 Electric bumper with the durable and stylish RGM Rearguard Bumper Protector. This precision-moulded accessory is designed and made in the UK, providing a simple yet effective solution to cover and hide scratches on your rear bumper tops. Constructed from high-impact UV resistant ABS plastic, it not only conceals old paint scratches but also helps prevent new ones, saving you from costly bumper repairs. Keep your vehicle looking pristine and shielded from everyday wear and tear with this innovative bumper protector.