M3 Style Black ABS Plastic Door Mirrors - Electric

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A Pair of M3 Style Black ABS Plastic Door Mirrors - Electric These mirrors and base adapter plates are made from gloss black ABS plastic. The mirrors and base plates can be all or part painted if required. Electric adjustment (basic DIY wiring required) What's in the box? 2 x M3 style mirrors 2 x 3/4 wire motor kits 2 x Vehicle specific base adapter plates 2 x self adhesive mirror glass units Mounting screws Suitable for RHD Fast & Free UK Delivery Options: Select car make/model Select 3 or 4 wire motor


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First, carefully remove plastic triangular cover which covers the mirror from the inside of the door

If you have electric mirrors, you should be able to see the motor connector just behind this flap disconnect it.

Now, release the bolts holding on the existing mirror base to the side of the car and remove the old mirror unit complete.

Attach the mirror to the base plate using the three screws supplied.

Following the wiring instructions, make any required connections.

Re-attach the assembled mirror unit to the car with the screws supplied.