CSR Headlight Brows for the VW Eos (2011>) - ABS

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New Arrival
New Arrival

CSR Automotive Headlight Brows for the VW Eos (2011>) Supplied with 3M self-adhesive tape & Instructions ABS Plastic (unpainted) TUV Approved Free UK Delivery: 5-7 days

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(PU-R) Polyurethanes:

Versatile, modern, safe and used in a wide variety of applications. The car styling industry has found polyurethanes to be especially suited to roof spoilers and boot lid spoilers, because of it's structural strength, flexibility and resistance to heat.

ABS Plastic:

Usually moulded in matt black, ABS is supplied ready for primer and paint. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness. Those properties make ABS Plastic a perfect choice for many styling products.

ABS Plastic with Gloss Black / Carbon Finish:

Carbon Fibre is extremely expensive, so to achieve a similar look, the car styling industry has gone about reproducing the look at a more realistic price. The Carbon Film or Gloss Black finish is applied to ABS Plastic parts, during the vacuum forming process. Once the process is completed, the finish becomes an integral part of the moulding. Products finished in this way can be used in much the same way as ABS Plastic products. The advantage with a factory Carbon or Gloss Black finish, is that they are ready to use as they are, so saving on expensive body shop costs. Carbon or Gloss Black finish products can also be part painted as you wish.