Audi A3 S-Line: S3 8VS: 8V7 (12-16) Rieger Rear Bumper Diffuser for 1x152x95mm Pipe L/R

Audi A3 S-Line & S3 5 dr Sedan 8VS (07.12-08.16) & Convertible 8V7 (05.13-08.16) Rieger Rear Bumper Diffuser for 1 x 152mm x 95 mm Oval Sport Pipe Left/Right Base material: ABS Plastic Supplied with fittings & instructions Made in Germany - TUV Approved UK Delivery: Normally 10 - 14 working days


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ABS Plastic:

Usually moulded in matt black, ABS Plastic is normally supplied ready for primer and paint. The most important mechanical properties of ABS Plastic are impact resistance and toughness. Those properties make ABS Plastic a perfect choice for many styling products.

ABS Plastic with Gloss Black / Carbon Finish:

Carbon Fibre is extremely expensive, so to achieve a similar look, the car styling industry has gone about reproducing the look at a more realistic price. The Carbon Film or Gloss Black finish is applied to ABS Plastic parts, during the vacuum forming process. Once the process is completed, the finish becomes an integral part of the moulding. Products finished in this way can be used in much the same way as ABS Plastic products. The advantage with a factory Carbon or Gloss Black finish, is that they are ready to use as they are, so saving on expensive body shop costs. Carbon or Gloss Black finish products can also be part painted as you wish.

(PU-R) Polyurethanes:

Used in a wide variety of applications, Polyurethane is a versatile, modern and safe material. The car styling industry has found polyurethanes to be especially suited to roof spoilers and boot lid spoilers, because of the structural strength, flexibility and resistance to heat.


Based in Germany, Rieger Tuning is a well-known international manufacturer of Quality Car Body Styling & Tuning Products within the tuning industry and continues to expand its global sales network every year. To a large extent, Rieger owes this development to the great dedication of its employees, its selected business partners around the world and ultimately you as a customer for your trust.

The research, development and design of new products, the model construction, the tool production and finally the series production of the ABS Plastic parts takes place within Rieger.

The design team consists of the sales team that brings in ideas, the workshop team that assesses the practicality and, finally the chief designer, Toni Rieger, who ultimately decides how to do it.

Rieger source the highest quality raw materials for their range of styling products and each new product is extensively tested for a perfect fit before release.

In addition, all production moulds for the thermo-forming process and milling tools are made in house by Rieger.